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WOW! Points make a difference!

Not only can you use WOW! points to get great deals on food, adventure, and entertainment, but you can also donate WOW! points to local schools, charities, organizations at time of checkout!

Just ask your cashier for a FREE Rewards Card! They will activate your Card in the store. Then all you have to do is register it and respond to the confirmation email to redeem earned WOW! points.

Redeem WOW! Points:

Redeem WOW! Points when you check out at the register.[1] Ask your cashier.

Make sure you're being REWARDED! Ask for a FREE Holiday Rewards Card! Receive 1,000 WOW! Points on your Birthday Month every year![2]








Revised on November 6, 2018. All WOW! points are redeemed at the check stand, except for our online auction. Remember to ask your cashier. WOW! offers can be discontinued or modified at any time without notice. Points have no monetary value and are not transferable. If the WOW! program is cancelled, all unredeemed points will be lost.
[1]To protect your points, the actual Rewards Card or ID with the same last name as the registered card is required to redeem your WOW points at the checkstand.
[2]1,000 Birthday Bonus WOW! points are rewarded, once per household, on the first day of the Primary Account Holders Birthday Month. Eligibilty requirements: Weekly Average spend of $50 (fifty dollars) or more, on eligible purchases [5], in the 13 weeks immediately prior to the primary Customer’s birth month.
[3]Starbucks Coffee available in Weaverville Store.
[4]Seasonal offer. Limit one discount per person. Not valid during discounted admission times (please check times at or call 246-9550).
[5]Eligible purchases and the 10% off grocery bill exclude alcohol, bus tickets, deposits, event tickets, fluid dairy products, fuel, gift cards, lottery, money orders, postage stamps, sales tax and tobacco. The eligible purchases are calculated after all discounts. See store for details.