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Transparency Policy


North State Grocery, Inc., doing business as Holiday Market and SAV MOR Foods, is committed to conducting its business in a lawful and ethical manner.  North State Grocery, Inc. expects its vendors and suppliers to also conduct themselves in the same manner.  In order for North State Grocery, Inc. to act on its commitment to eradicate and prevent slavery and human trafficking in its supply chains, North State Grocery, Inc. has a verification process in place to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery.  This verification is not conducted by a third party, but rather involves all company departments that directly interact with the supply chain.

North State Grocery, Inc. provides periodic training to management employees who have direct responsibility for supply chain management.  The training includes awareness of slavery and human trafficking risks in the supply chain, identifying and mitigating those risks as well as identifying indications that a supplier audit may be required.

As a condition of doing business with North State Grocery, Inc., vendors and suppliers must certify that their products and/or services, and the materials incorporated into their products and/or services comply with all applicable laws prohibiting slavery and human trafficking. 

North State Grocery, Inc. will periodically conduct audits of its suppliers as needed to insure ongoing compliance with North State Grocery, Inc.’s policy against human trafficking and slavery.  Audits will be triggered whenever trained management employees reasonably suspect non-compliance with North State Grocery, Inc’s policy against human trafficking and slavery.